Automatica 2023 Recap: ARTI Highlights

Finally, the time has come! The Automatica 2023 took place at the Messe München, and we from ARTI were right in the middle! We had a great time, and the excellent preparation for the year’s industry event for automation and robotics absolutely paid off! In this recap, we would like to present our five highlights of the fair:

1. Many, many, many great conversations at Automatica

A lot of people came to the ARTI booth in the Start-Up Arena. Konstantin Mautner-Lassnig and Alexander Buchegger spent the four days talking, advising, pitching and presenting for all they were worth. They met many exciting and innovative companies interested in ARTI robotic software solutions or looked for reliable solutions in future use cases. In addition, ARTI’s stand neighbours were our partner company ScaliRo, and together with them, the event was even more fun!

Konstantin Mautner-Lassnig and Alexander Buchegger at the ARTI booth in the Start Up Arena at Automatica 2023.

2. Live Demo Integration Outdoor Fleet Manager

In order to show how easy and fast the integration of the ARTI Robotic Software (AI Kits) into the outdoor fleet manager works, Konstantin and Alexander carried out a live demonstration right on the spot. ScaliRo was our development partner and support for our outdoor-compatible fleet management software. It just took some minutes (we’re not joking!) until the fleet manager and the robot established connectivity. The audience could follow the exact positioning of the robot live via the cloud instance. Communication runs on the industry standard VDA5050. Through this interface between the ARTI software and the fleet manager, either entirely exact paths (trajectories) can be transmitted or only abstract destinations so the robot can be freely navigated.

Picture directly from the WebApp to show how the ARTI robot is integrated and connected to the fleet management software. Position can be traced exactly in the Start Up Arena of Automatica 2023.

3. Live Demo Path Planning Atrium

We used the Atrium, the 600m long open space of the Munich Trade Fair Centre, to test the capabilities of the ARTI path planning software. The software’s path network, which is quick and easy to create, shows the robot where it should travel. The white nodes and edges visible in the image are the main routes of the vehicle, which should be used preferentially. The image comes directly from our application and illustrates the flexible use of the AI Kits.

Map of the atrium at Munich Trade Fair showing the path planning and network of the robotic software.

4. The Slalom Contest

The organisers of the Start-Up Arena spontaneously launched a robot slalom contest. And in all moderation, we can announce that the ARTI team won! Naturally, ARTI Robotic Software and the ARTI Robotic Platform CHASI were up and running faster and completed the slalom faster than the competition (under three minutes!). Yay! As a matter of fact, there is also a video that we don’t want to deprive you of:

Video of spontaneous Slalom Contest at Start Up Arena Automatica 2023

5. The Automatica Innovation-Spirit

The atmosphere in the Start-Up Arena and the entire Automatica 2023 was exciting! Konstantin and Alex could feel how much interest, dynamic, will to innovate, and possibilities prevail in robotics and automation. Furthermore, it is clear that the industry is on the upswing and that technological developments are making previously unimaginable things possible. For us at ARTI, in the field of mobile autonomous robotics, this is great motivation!

So, therefore: See you next time at Automatica! See you again in June 2025!

Konstantin Mautner-Lassnig taking a selfie with all other participants from Start Up Arena at Automatica.
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