Fleet Management

Fleet management is of central importance in mobile robotics, especially in intralogistics. It is a crucial system, since it not only controls the vehicle fleet, but also forms an interface to the warehouse management system as well as order placement, coordination and processing.

Our fleet management software perfectly complements our AI-Kits and offers an attractive overall solution for coordinating multiple robots with fleet management functionalities. Orders, positions and possible or selected routes are specified in great detail which results in improvement of overall management and control quality of the fleet.

We offer ready-made solutions for the application of mobile autonomous robotics in indoor as well as in outdoor areas, even in complex unstructured terrain.

Tasks: Overview and Managment of a Vehicle Fleet

Interface: VDA5050, REST, MQTT

Robots: Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Systems

Key Benefits

Level up your logistics

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Customizable settings for optimal performance
  • Integration with other systems for seamless workflow
  • Real-time visibility into operations
  • Improved safety and reduced risk of accidents
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

What's Included

Modules covered

Job Prioritising
Web Application
Dynamic Routing
Vehicle Maintenance
On-Premise Operation
Cargo Information
Rapid Setup
Order Management

Optional Add-Ons

Action Pipeline
Trajectory Layout


Designed to meet your requirements

Our Partner

FleetEngine by ScaliRo


By developing software which is capable of finding solutions for highly complex system processes, ScaliRo aims to revolutionize the intralogistics software market.

Led by many years of experience; they succeeded in funneling their enormous know-how into development of the ScaliRo FleetEngine, an innovative fleet management software solution, which enables autonomous robots to be used faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively in industrial processes.


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