Navigation, in the meaning of driving autonomously from a starting position to the target point in the room, is one of the most central capabilities for autonomous mobile robots and crucial for a smooth process operation. Navigation is a complex task due to the high amount of information that needs to be processed, but the ARTI Navigation Tool masters this task impeccably. The functionality is based upon the results of previous working steps such as mapping and localization. Navigation revolves around the issues of path planning and path following while integrating environmental information for route comprehension to find and follow the most suitable course for target achievement.

Tasks: Indoor Navigation Suite

Sensors: LIDAR (Ouster, Velodyne, SICK, …), Depth Camera (Intel Realsense, Azure Kinect, …), Inertial Measurement Units, Odometry

Robots: ROS Robotic Plattforms, Ackermann Steering, Differential Steering, Omnidirectional Designs

IGVI – Indoor Navigation

  • Complete navigation suite for indoor robots
  • Suitable for large operating areas
  • Fleetmanagement via VDA5050
  • Supports different drive mechanics
  • Expandability of sensors
  • This package includes WAI
  • Interface to JMI available


The navigation system can interact with other participants via the following interfaces:

  • VDA5050
  • Web Application
  • ROS 1
  • Modbus
  • CANopen

What's included

Modules covered

Dynamic Mapping
Obstacle Avoidance
Dynamic Path Planning
Object Detection
Action Pipeline
Fine Positioning
Diagnose and Error Handling
Web Application


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