TROIThe future is following!

Prototyp of a self-driving delivery cart. Autonomously accompany any men or women during delivery.

Our self-driving delivery cart can autonomously follow a person during last-mile delivery.
Troi is able to traverse typical urban and rural landscapes at walking speed while carrying parcels, saving the tiresome task of manually pushing a trolley.


With just a press of a button the robot registers the person in front of it and it is good to go. Troi searches for reasonable paths around obstacles to stay close to the tracked person. The concept presents an operator independent approach and is easily adaptable for other robots in sizes and use-cases. The robot has the build in functionality for convoying in a fleet.


Increased Payload

The image below shows the benefit of Troi Level 1 and 2 (Further readings about delivery levels) in contrast to a normal person during delivery. This illustrative example highlights the increased payload in every technological improvement.


We assume the person can carry a payload of 5 positions whereas Troi can transport a payload of 4. Together they can deliver 9 positions, this equates to an improvement of 80 percent!


In the third example, Troi is capable of driving autonomously to the depot and refills its payload.
Troi is sent for reloading directly after the first payload was delivered. Meanwhile, the person can deliver its own payload and rejoins when Troi returns with the second payload. This procedure even equates to an improvement of 260 percent!


With our autonomy the future is following!


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