June 1, 2017

Urban Scenarios

Robots are becoming a part of our daily life!


On-demand package delivery with an autonomous vehicle.

  • Strategy

    Research, Proof of Concept

  • Partner

    TU Graz, Energie Steiermark, Austrian Post

  • Status


Urban Navigation

Research projects involving navigation in urban areas resulted in new approaches and algorithms.

Urban scenarios pose specific challenges, for example, dealing with large numbers of moving objects, like pedestrians and traffic.

Navigation is complicated by constrained options for allowed paths (sidewalks and crosswalks), challenging localization because of unstructured, changing environments (parked cars, construction sites), and the extensiveness of the covered area.

Have a look at this great short film about the autonomous Jetflyer Project! Team members from ARTI were part of that project. It was capable of delivering packages completely autonomously within the inner city area of Graz.

The autonomous Jetflyer won the Austrian Robotics Award in 2018!

Below the resulting map of the Technical University of Graz and the inner city area of Graz can be viewed, as well as our prototype travelling fully autonomously around the campus.


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