September 1, 2021


Demonstration prototype designed to perform urban transport tasks.


TRAI combines modern design and technology and shows the future for urban logistics. The navigation system is fully autonomous and dynamically creates plans to avoid obstacles. Prior to the operation, the environment and routes are taught to the navigation system. Within the specifications, obstacles are either localy avoided or completely new routes are created across the driving network.



Fully functional Autonomous Delivery Vehicle (ADV)

  • Strategy

    Prototype for Autonomous Intralogistics

  • Partner

    Carry Larry, Florian Blamberger

  • Status

    In Progress

TRAI combines a prototype robotic platform and ARTI robotic navigation software. Data by the sensor set and by publicly available maps are used to determine the exact location, whereby a permanent internet connection is not necessary. System monitoring and remote maintenance access ensure surveillance and connectivity are provided on proven standards.
Regarding safety, several high-level safety measures are implemented in the software and hardware. Safety measures on software-level are, e.g., low operating velocity, safety-certified laser scanners, permanent system diagnosis, redundant obstacle detection. On the hardware level, an emergency stop button on the vehicle, a remote emergency stop button, and a remote control stop is installed as active safety measures. In addition, lights (LED-strips) indicate the current action of the robot and guarantee clear road user communication.

The demonstration vehicle was built on top of the CHASI platform and can equally drive outdoor and indoor. However, the platform can carry heavy loads despite the small and maneuverable design to pass through door frames, elevator doors, or walkways. The robot is equipped with two separated payload compartments. Each compartment is secured with a locking mechanism which can be opened by authorized persons only.

The professional design concept comes from Florian Blamberger and combines functionality with modern futuristic design. The vehicle body was constructed and built by our partners from CarryLarry, a young urban mobility company from Graz specializing in creating compact, electric cargo vehicles.

Usage scenarios

Our hardware prototype and software solutions are designed for various use cases in urban transport and last-mile delivery, e.g. postal or parcel delivery, delivery of food and groceries, or waste disposal.
Short-time delivery and the last mile still are organized inefficiently and costly. In urban areas, conventional delivery concepts cause significant concerns about traffic volume, safety, and pollution. The last mile is the bottleneck of fast and efficient delivery.

ARTI’s answer to this is providing autonomy for delivery


  • Weight: 60kg
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm
  • Speed Maximum / Average: 10 km/h / 5-7 km/h
  • Payload: 80 kg (40kg per box)
  • Range: 25 km



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