Supporting the Next Generation of Robotics Enthusiasts

At ARTI, we strongly believe in supporting the next generation of innovators and engineers, particularly those passionate about robotics. In this rapidly expanding area, the next generation of minds is crucial for the future innovation.

Today, we are happy to share a story which underlines our commitment: the journey of Tanja and Johanna, two pupils from MS St. Marein bei Graz. This middle school, located close to ARTI office, has been offering robotics as part of its program for more than ten years. Their students build and program robots, with which they then compete in the RoboCup Junior Austrian Open. The enthusiasm for these activities among students is very high, with a significant percentage of girls participating. The school team of teachers and headmaster also strongly supports the ambitious girls. This is very encouraging to see, as the robotics world is largely still a male-dominated field.

Tanja and Johanna showcased their knowledge and dedication this year at the RoboCup Junior Austrian Open. Their performance highlighted their technical skills and passion for robotics, ultimately leading to their qualification for the RoboCup Junior European Open in the discipline “Rescue Line Entry.” This European version of the Championship will take place between June 13th and 16th in Hanover, Germany.

Next generation: Tanja and Johanna at the RoboCup Junior Austria in 2023
Tanja and Johanna at the RoboCup Junior Austria in 2023
Tanja and Johanna at the RoboCup Junior Austria in 2023
Tanja and Johanna at the RoboCup Junior Austria in 2024
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In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Tanja and Johanna. We are confident that this experience will provide them with even more knowledge and expose them to new challenges, innovative ideas, and a community of like-minded individuals.

Supporting Tanja and Johanna in their journey has been a pleasure for us at ARTI. This is not only because we believe in supporting the next generation but also because their journey reminds us of our own beginnings. Our founding members also got involved in different student teams dedicated to robotics during their education. The ARTI founders first worked together at TEDUSAR, the RoboCup student team at the Graz University of Technology. Their interest and achievements in these early projects, especially in the field of rescue robotics, led to their further development and ultimately to the founding of ARTI. Also, some of the first ARTI team members were part of the TEDUSAR group. This close connection to our roots drives our continuous support for young talents in the field. It’s a way of giving back and ensuring that future generations have the resources and encouragement to pursue their dreams in technology and robotics.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tanja and Johanna’s progress and other exciting initiatives from ARTI. Together, we can build a future where young minds can explore, innovate, and transform the world through robotics.

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