Christmas Greetings from ARTI

Thank you ScaliRo GmbH for this great present!

The team of ARTI – Autonomous Robot Technology GmbH wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!
We all probably would have liked the past year to be a bit more “normal”. Although we have all become accustomed to the unusual circumstances, we still hope that we may encounter “less interesting” times in the new year.

We made up our minds about our wishes for Christmas, and here is our list:

What we can no longer use in 2022:

  • Divison
  • too many purely virtual meetings
  • lockdowns and restrictions
  • conspiracy theorists, agitators and fear-mongers
  • worry and pessimism
  • travel restrictions
  • constantly canceled or postponed events
  • bad and lurid news

What we wish for all of us for the next year:

  • More togetherness
  • more friendly offline encounters
  • more carefree social life
  • more reason and factual discussion
  • more optimism for the future
  • easier traveling
  • more planning security
  • more good news

Even though the circumstances were very changeable this year, we still look back proudly and happily on the past year. We made a lot of progress and were able to realize and finalize great projects together with our clients. We are therefore starting 2022 full of motivation and looking forward to new challenges!

All the best

The ARTIsts

Not on the picture: our new team member Jahn Mansour.

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