ARTI: Fresh support for our team

Thanks to a growing number of robotic software projects, we at ARTI needed support. We were looking for a robotic software developer in the autumn of last year, and luckily, we found one!

The “war” for robotic software talents

In the field of software development, the “war for talents” is continuing. The demand for these skills in the labour market is enormous. And software developers who have good knowledge of robotic software basics like C++ or ROS and are able to understand the complexity or robotic software projects are very rare. Especially, for small companies, it is not always easy to find staff.

ARTI strives to offer the best and most flexible working conditions possible as an employer. We have a great team spirit among the ARTIsts. Every team member works with high motivation, strong commitment, and enthusiasm for robotics. However, it is hard for a start-up to compete with more prominent companies’ job opportunities. Bigger companies can offer employees much more benefits, incentives, and higher salaries. Moreover, there is the impression that a job at a bigger, more established company is safer than with a smaller company that is just at the starting point.

Welcome at ARTI

Therefore, we are pleased that Jahn Mansour joined the ARTIsts at the beginning of December. He now supports the team with his knowledge and know-how. Thus, at this point, we want to tell him a warm “Welcome to the team”!

Picture of our new ARTI team member Jahn.

Jahn is originally from Egypt and studies electrical engineering focusing on automation technology and mechatronics at the Graz University of Technology. Before he started with ARTI, Jahn did an internship at Virtual Vehicle. Currently, he is preparing his master thesis parallel to his work at ARTI. We are crossing our fingers for his ambitious project!

“It is really inspiring working here and see how to realize a part of the future in front of your eyes!”

That is what Jahn says about working at ARTI

We naturally like that mindset. Therefore, we look forward to accomplishing many exciting and challenging projects in the coming years!

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